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What is the Traditional Method of Encapsulation? How is it different than RAW?

According to the TCM, after a woman gives birth, they have an opening left in the womb. Thus this causes a depletion of Qi in them. TCM believes that because there is an empty void, a woman needs to be warmed after giving birth to restore it. However, immediately after delivery and for the first 48 hours that follow, cooling foods and treatments are allowed. A raw placenta smoothie would be appropriate during this period. After the 48 hours are up, TCM suggests that only cooked or steamed foods and warm treatments are applied from here on. Believing that heat increases the circulation and reduces the discomfort down in the vaginal tissue area, it promotes that a new mother provides warming treatment to this part of her body. This would include steeped compresses and vaginal steam baths that include mugwort. Not the typical cold compresses that the hospital recommends. This warming method is considered to help repair the body by building up the blood, qi or chi, to slowly assist the body’s assorted endocrine functions to gain in productivity.

Since we are not a practitioner of Chinese Method, we use a modified version. It is based on the principles of the Chinese Method, but it is not exactly like it has been prepared in the past. We steam the placenta first before dehydrating, and can add warming and tonifying lemon, ginger, and hot pepper when the client does not have food sensitivities. As the placenta steams, a broth is left behind. Some clients may choose to keep the broth so that they can add it to soups, smoothies, drink it as a tea, or use it for various other personal preferences. Benefits of steaming the placenta include reducing the bacteria count and decreasing the hormones in the tissue. This can possibly be beneficial to clients who have a history of depression and anxiety. These conditions are sometimes related to a hormonal imbalance in the body, so clients who have had bouts of this before may find that the raw placenta pills are too potent for them. However, there have been no scientific studies on this reasoning, so this is purely just suggestion. It is up to the client to research and ultimately decide if they are wanting the TM or RAW method.

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