Services & Pricing

Each of these services includes:

*A prenatal meet and greet (either by phone or in person)

*Picking up your placenta and delivery of capsules

*Umbilical cord keepsake

*A 7 day supply of Nursing Momma Lactation Cookies (to help boost milk supply)

 *Directions for usage and storage of placenta pills

*A postpartum guide for new moms

*A small gift for baby

*A postpartum follow up phone call or email.

Traditional Method Placenta Encapsulation $275

The Traditional method is a modified TCM (Traditional Chinese Method). It involves cleaning the placenta, then gently steaming it with distilled water and Organic lemon, Jalapeño pepper, and ginger. After the steaming, the placenta is dehydrated before it is put into capsules. Using this preparation is thought to bring out the placenta's healing and tonifying properties.

(This method is also possible without the use of the lemon, pepper, and ginger if there is a concern for a negative reaction.)

(**)Raw Method Placenta Encapsulation $275

The RAW method of preparation skips the heating and herbal process altogether. Mothers following the Raw Foods diet as well as some vegans and vegetarians may choose Raw Start. However, this does not follow the methods of a Raw Foods diet, as their methods are not safe or applicable to meat consumption. Here we just gently clean the placenta and then dehydrate at a temperature of 160 degrees. Using this option is thought to provide a more potent pill and this method will also yield more pills than the TM. However, please see the disclaimer below.

(**)Half Raw Method and Half TM Method: $300

Can’t decide which one you would like? Enjoy the benefits of both!

Discounted Placenta Encapsulation $225

For those mamas who are strapped for cash I have a new option for you! This requires you to have someone to bring the placenta to my home in Acworth immediately after the birth, and to have someone come back a few days later to pick up the pills.  I want all moms to have the opportunity to encapsulate if they desire!


Flavored capsules: add $10

(Must give 10 day notice before birth)

Choose from Berry, Grape, or Orange.

Add a 30 Day Supply of Lactation Cookies $30

3 dozen Nursing Momma Lactation Cookies to help boost milk supply! Made with high quality ingredients and known galactagogues, these delicious cookies are a great way to enhance your milk supply.

If you are experiencing stillbirth, a prenatal diagnosis that is incompatible with life, or premature birth that results in a loss, please contact me. I would be honored to offer my services free of charge.

Additional Placenta Services

Placenta Tincture $20

The tincture is a great way to get longevity out of the benefits of your placenta. It is believed to help regulate and balance hormones during periods, thought to lesson bleeding during those periods, and said to give you energy and combat fatigue. The tincture can last indefinitely if stored correctly! It's great for saving to be used during menopause.

Placenta Art Print $30

I can create a keepsake to showcase your placenta!

Placenta Burial Package $150

This includes up to three prints, a cord keepsake, and the placenta wrapped up for burial. A tincture can be added for no additional charge.

Placenta Traditions: (contact for prices)

Some families choose to use the placenta for spiritual, religious, or personal beliefs. There are many different options besides consuming the placenta. This can be, but not limited to:

*Lotus birth

*Placenta ashes

*Placenta keepsakes

*Cord buring

If you have a particular belief about what you would like to have your placenta used for, please contact me! We can talk about your preferences and discuss your options.


“There is a risk of food borne diseases when consuming raw or under cooked products. While high temperature raw preparation has been shown to greatly reduce bacterial counts, food safety guidelines recommend steaming prior to dehydration which will result in further reduction of bacteria.


If you opt to consume raw placenta in a smoothie, there is no reduction of bacteria, and any or all bacteria present will be consumed.


Because raw start encapsulation does not pre-cook the placenta to a minimum of 160°F, it does not comply with food safety recommendations. Please make sure you are aware and accept the risks associated with consuming products that are not prepared in accordance to USDA recommendations.


If you have a compromised immune system you will be at a higher risk of illness.”

Disclaimer: The information on this page has not been evaluated by the FDA. My placenta encapsulation services are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any specific condition. If you choose the ingest your placenta in capsule or other form, you take full responsibility for your health and for researching and making use of the remedies provided.