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Where Can I Have My Placenta Encapsulated?

Services can be completed at either your home or my work space. You should have the choice about where you want your placenta processed. There are some pros and cons to both:

In your home you can watch the entire process, feel confident in the procedure, and ask questions. You will also have your kitchen area cleaned and sanitized. However, the possibility of having to explain it to visitors, not wanting the smell that comes from the process, and having me in their home for hours at a time deter some families.

At my work space you can be assured that I only work with one placenta at a time, so there is no risk of mix up. You don't have to worry about transportation and storage or arranging someone to be home so that I an work. However, some moms feel uneasy about trusting a stranger to process their placenta, so they choose for me to come to them.

Either way, I uphold the safety standards for cleaning and sanitizing the work space, wear the correct PPE gear, and use the proper equipment for the process. I have attended an extensive hands on placenta encapsulation workshop, went through months of training while attending an online school and graduated from Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA), I am currently certified with APPA, have completed a blood borne pathogens course through Biologix (which is OSHA certified and specifically designed for placenta encapsulation specialists), hold a Food Handler Certificate for the state of Georgia, and am certified in First Aid/CPR. When choosing me as your placenta encapsulation specialist, you are guaranteed the highest of safety standards when it comes to processing your placenta.

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